i am the lizard king
she overgrew
her sweet sixteen
long overdue
but still obscene
she looks for love
she gets a shove

she dreams of way
to get all back.
the sheets of fate
on music rack,
she tries to wamble,
'n' gets in trouble

she never had a day
as bad as this
you let alone her whole damn lifetime/

she tries to hit 'replay'
in sudden bliss
life and joy do not make eye-rhyme/

she overslept her sweet sixteen
she's all inept,
miss caffeine,
she looks for smile
she gets a pile
of dirt.


she shakes herself from day to day
and shakes away the colour grey.
she'll find it once
a loving glance

@темы: ужасные планы тёмных сил, заколочены двери в чертоги мои, © A.F., i'm not a gangster tonight, baby i'm a popstar, attempts