i am the lizard king
consider it a confession

who's/wot's da man?

person of the year: kurt cobain, david garret, stephen dedalus, gerard butler, ben lewis, elvis presley, stephen fry aaaand alan davies
mood of the year: /down once more to the dungeon /of my black despair
dictum of the year: screw your magic, i'm going north
nerdism of the year: ten years later Piranha Bytes, Core Design & co still ruin my social life, and i'm perfectly fine with that; QI, musicals, and i guess languages at some point
unpleasant discovery of the year: you never get enough of e-bay
pleasant discovery of the year: think i'm starting to tell the accents apart
buddy of the year: nothing has been changed, /and never will, /just rearranged - /and yet we're still /such grand old friends
hero of the year: /listen Jesus I don't like what I see /all I ask is that you listen to me
trigger of the year: /i am not young enough to know everything
activity of the year: /i tried that: why? 42. doesn't work
condition of the year: /here I was, just minding my own business, enjoying my Second Amendment rights, and you people have to freak out on me
frustrated dream of the year: /sometimes it seemed if I just dreamed /somehow you would be here
sorrow of the year: /i'll take advantage while /you hang me out to dry/ but I can't see you every night - free
mockery of the year: /pity comes too late/ turn around and face your fate
inspiration of the year: /i am the lizard king/ i can do everything
conclusion of the year: /get your head out of the mud, baby/ put flowers in the mud, baby


~ "/"'s for quoting

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